Tai Yi

Life Energy Flow Tai Yi is a hands on healing modality that dates back thousands of years to Ancient China.  Most people are familiar with what acupuncture is and how it works, but what most people don’t know is that Life Energy Flow Tai Yi is what acupuncture derived from.  Life Energy Flow Tai Yi works with the meridian systems of all our bodies. Each body that we carry has its own set of meridians just like our physical body. Life Energy Flow Tai Yi is designed to bring balance back to all the bodies for ultimate health.  Tai Yi translates to ‘Supreme Movement’. When the body has supreme movement a greater state of health is felt. Tai Yi offers thousands of different treatments to assist people to experience a deeper level of healing. Treatments are grouped into different categories depending on their primary function.   Tai Yi treatments work on all the bodies but each treatment will have a primary body to work with such as the mental body, emotional body, the brain, or the physical body such as individual organs systems.  


Here is a list of a few treatments and their primary purpose. 

Brain Stress: help balance the brain and Cortisol levels

Dirty Brain: helps to heal leaky gut

Sugar Dragon: helps overcome sugar addictions

SeaWave: Reset the emotional body to a state of balance

Nervous & Endocrine System harmony:  balance nervous and endocrine system

Journey of Your Ancestors: Healing your DNA

Wind of Transformation: Reinforce the mental body