Pain Relief Acupuncture South Sarasota

Acupuncture can be extremely effective in reducing pain and inflammation within the body. Acupuncture works by stimulating specific points on the body which activate nerve bundles and allow neurotransmitters to send signals to the brain to reduce pain, decrease inflammation and increase circulation. When all these mechanisms are activated, the body essentially is able to self heal.

First line approaches to pain usually include pharmaceutical medications to numb the pain response, which only treats the symptoms and not the root cause. Acupuncture can help to reduce the pain not only temporarily but permanently as it will address the root cause in addition to the presenting symptoms. Acupuncture is an excellent therapy for pain relief, especially for those who are unable to tolerate pain medications as a treatment option. Additionally, Acupuncture can be used as a complementary  therapy for individuals trying physical therapy or Chiropractor to help manage pain. 

Acupuncture is no longer new age, but rather a medically accepted protocol utilized by institutions world wide. A recent study found that nearly 3.5 million Americans had Acupuncture in just the past year (According to WebMD). Studies have shown pain can be greatly reduced in just a few sessions of Acupuncture treatments. For additional questions on how Acupuncture can help with your pain, contact Tiffiny Davis AP, DOM at 941-366-4768.


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