Neck Pain Relief Is Here!

Are you among the millions of Americans that suffer from neck pain? Is your neck pain due to degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, strain and overuse, arthritis or one of the many musculoskeletal disorders? Regardless of what is causing your neck pain, acupuncture can offer you the pain relief you are searching for. Depending on the cause of your neck pain will determine the course and length of treatment. Some injuries like sleeping in the wrong position or sitting too long at the computer correct themselves very quickly while other injuries like bulged or herniated discs take more time. Acupuncture can offer the pain relief you are searching for. The important thing to remember is the severity of the injury only determines how many treatments are needed to get the pain relief you are searching for. 

 I have treated many patients for neck pain in my clinic ranging from mild problems to quite significant injuries. Neck pain is one of the top conditions, following back pain, that I treat on a regular basis. Many people that suffer with neck pain are not aware of all their options to live a pain free life. People think because they have degenerative disc disease and/or bulged or herniated discs that surgery is their only option, it isn’t. Just because people do not always respond to steroid injections does not mean surgery is required. However some people do need to have surgery due to the severity of their injury. If that is the case acupuncture can help the body to heal after the surgery so the patient will recover in less time.

I have seen acupuncture assist many patients that thought surgery was the only way to live pain free. At TCM Healing points acupuncture clinic I specialize in pain relief not pain management.  There is a big difference between pain management and pain relief. Pain management doesn’t heal the pain, it covers it up temporarily but it comes back. Pain relief is the healing of the issue so that the pain doesn’t come back. Who wants to manage pain? Use a healing modality that will heal the body of pain verses covering it up. Choose acupuncture and start live pain free today.