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Balance Method Acupuncture

Have you heard of Balance Method acupuncture? It is a systematic approach to balancing the body’s energy systems using Meridian Theory diagnosis versus Zang Fu organ diagnosis. Most acupuncture physicians today are mainly trained in the Zang Fu diagnosis which is effective, but I have found in my practice that the Balance Method is more effective and patients get results much quicker and the results last longer. Balance is the key for everything in life. When the body’s energy is out of balance is when people experience pain, discomfort, and other types of sickness. Pain is a great example of Qi/Energy being out of balance. For example, if there is too much Qi/Energy located in a part of the body, the person will experience sharp stabbing pain whereas not enough Qi/Energy in the person will experience a dull achy pain at that location. Once the energy is in balance the pain is resolved and healed.

The Balance Method style of acupuncture looks at doing a local balance of the meridians or a global balance of the meridians depending on what the patient is experiencing. Local balance is used for the treatment of pain or local conditions whereas global balance is used for the treatment of internal dis-eases (meaning the body is not at ease with itself). With Balance Method acupuncture you will get to the root of the underlying issues so that it gets healed and will not keep occurring. Once balance has been restored to the body it comes back to a state of homeostasis. A body in balance is a healthy body.

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